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Hydraulic swing beam shear ZDS-632 (QC12Y-6X3200)

Hydraulic swing beam shear ZDS-632 (QC12Y-6X3200)

the hydraulic swing beam shear model ZDS-632 (QC12Y-6X3200), all-steel welded structure, hydraulic drive, accumulator and return, easy operation, reliable performance and appearance; with E21S NC system, E21S backgauge positions can be controlled, and count the number of times to shear.

products features

• used full steel welding structure, hydraulic drive, storage device return, operation convenient, performance reliable, shape beautiful

• E21 can control Hou block material of mobile, achieved efficient, and high precision positioning

• has lights on line device, and can no level regulation Shang turret of trip volume

• blade tensile strength high, can cut carbon steel and stainless steel plate

· Edge clearance adjustment has indicates brand indicates, adjustment light quickly

• table sides, blade ahead and the machine rear has simple type protection fence, protection personal security

• spherical table, can reduced Board material and table of contact, reduce work strength

• machine Shang and foot switch with urgent stopped switch, ensure personnel security

• using brand hydraulic system, reliable stable