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NC89 shearing machine NC system for bending machine

NC89 applied to the shears, bending machines , and Fu machine tool fully integrated, operation more convenient to use, if you want this system, or shear bending with this system contact 13348081336 CNC cutting machine, NC folding bent machine using handy, has automatically positioning function, NC89 cut Board machine, and folding bent machine number explicit, Shenzhen China de, control technology limited of NC-89 series, relies on himself of research power, used currently most advanced of technology, designed for forging machine production of a paragraph combined actual application, and has human of LCD number explicit control system, Stylish appearance and beautiful styling, clear blue 128*64 monitor. English switch can be easily, and automatically position and circuit fault detection, and other functions. Is a leading technology, convenience and practicability of special control system for shear and bending. Briefly reviews
NC89 series/>NC89 series digital, including NC-89, NC-89Z, NC-89W, were used in pendulum shears, brake type plate shearing machine, bending machine. This product is a T10 and E10 series main features, with automatic positioning function (one step) and gate cut shows the shear angle and blade gap and so on.