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DA65W three dimensional color graphic bending machine numerical control device

DA-65W bending machine numerical control device provides a friendly user interface, efficient programming methods and excellent stability.
the latest graphics technology advantages of adhering to the tradition of Delem programming, real scale workpiece, mold and machine tools.
numerical control apparatus includes a 2D graphics programming software, capable of bending process automatic collision detection calculation, artifacts and learning database, the database application will greatly improve the accuracy of bending.
full-featured 3D graphics programming software clearly shows the real machine tool configurations, and bend the feasibility.
uses a more efficient algorithm to optimize the entire y-work cycle make y cycle shortening, raise work efficiency, while the y axis adjustment and control easier.
Windows network is easy with the factory integration, CNC devices Exchange data with the computer in the network from any location, access product program.
the appearance of strong, durable, full of modern industrial design, standard high definition, high quality color LCD display, making the appearance more attractive.
modular concept and the built-in PLC, added more extensibility, provides maximum scalability and wide adaptability.

DA65W main features:

2D graphics programming
3D graphics
10.4 "TFT true color display
/> standard Windows component integrated operator panel
USB personalized user keyboard and mouse support user interface
multitasking environments for professional use.
angle correction sensor interface