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DA56 four-axis of two-dimensional color graphics bending machine numerical control device

DA-56 numerical control devices have a two-dimensional graphic programming design tool suitable for NC programming. With a bending operation the specified features, can adjust the machine and test work to minimize the amount of work.
key can generate CNC programs, automatically calculating all the axis position, on the screen in real scale simulation showing the actual machine and die sizes, direct production.
in the production process, operators available in graphical simulation of bending sequence on the screen, and the instructions.
devices basic configuration for the Y1-Y2-X-R axis, r-shaft or X2 can also be used as z axis. Skew compensation standard of table.
device using the first technique, high flexibility, easy. USB interface provides quick backup product, and mold.
Color TFT display and stylish user interface, display and can facilitate the rapid programming. DA-offline-offline programming solutions.
DA-56 features:
b-d programming. 4 "LCD TFT colour display
bending sequence determine the deformation compensation

developed length calculation table
USB interface
servo control, variable frequency control and a c motor control