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DA51 NC system for bending machine

DA51 NC system for bending machine, DA-51 programming device has a y-axis CNC angle up to control 4+1 axis. With a clear LCD display front panel design provides a user friendly and easy to use interface. Provide users with 500 programs, each program can have 25 step program storage space. All working steps in the program and its parameters in the page list in the order. Every program has an additional pages detailing the mold and the material characteristics and procedure count.
unique "shortcut key" structure, provided the most direct way to ensure rapid and simple programming.
spend less time bending demonstration function and the test time, bending machines use more effective.
basic control functions for the Y1,Y2 and the x axis and the optional second backgauge R/Z or X2 axis. Features
R/> page programming axis, z axis, or x-axis optional skew compensation

Workbench Panel-Mount

huge memory space servo control, variable frequency control, AC motor control