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DA53 four-axis bending machine numerical control device

DA-53 numerical control devices have a built-in control valve amplifiers and PLC functions can be applied torsional axis synchronization hydraulic bending machine control or application of electric-hydraulic synchronization press brake control.
4-axis control panel based installation structure, can be installed directly into the electric cabinet can also be installed in hanging cabinets. With a friendly user interface, TFT true color LCD display and menu-driven way, providing quick and simple programming tools.
Y-axis programming, table deflection compensation in terms of function and pressure control as standard equipment.
DA-53 based on the latest technology, provides a stable and reliable solution. Its equipped with a USB interface, greatly facilitating product and mould quick backup.


Standard 4+1 control
menu-driven programming of parameters
10.4 "true color TFT LCD display
die/> table deflection compensation control library
USB interface
y axis advanced control algorithms, both closed-loop control or valve control open-loop amplifier

built-in control valve software