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T10 shears bending machine with digital display

T10 shearing machine bending machine
with digital display-wall technology, Nanjing days T10, stable and cheap. T10 shear and bending machine tool digital display unit is a cheap plate shearing machine, bending machine simple display system, equipped with a 100ppr~500ppr photoelectric encoder, shears, bending machines back gauge, trimming positions in real time monitoring, and has a soft limit, screw drive backlash compensation, power failure memory value-for-money function. T10 on the basis of commonly used functions, with some useful shortcuts.
T10 main function
T10 cut folding machine dedicated digital displayed system has following professional control function
1, and for cut Board machine Shi, can displayed Hou document material location x, and shear count C;
for folding bent when, can displayed Hou document material location x, and oil cylinder mid-range block location Y;
X, and y of displayed precision 0.01mm;
2, and screw exists drive clearance, can automatically compensation drive clearance;
3, and System has soft limited bit function;
4, and built-in dedicated time following electrical;
5, and power Shi automatically location memory;
6, and can according to screw pitch, and deceleration than, to set displayed proportion factor, also can through teaching operation function by number explicit system automatically is out displayed proportion factor;
7, and can switch metric or inch displayed;
8, and has password protection
Dang user to on system for location teaching or parameter modified operation Shi, Users who need to enter the correct password, you can only view the location parameter, or modify the current operation, as described in the description of the relevant sections in the notes below.
each plate after shear and bending machine-specific display device to show different product models.
T10-C cutting machine-specific display device.
T10-B bending machine-specific display device.