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LiDE, Hangzhou machine tool company limited on December 26, 2002, approved the establishment of the people's Government of Zhejiang Province (approval number: Zhejiang unit of Government [2002], 44th), 22 million yuan of registered capital of the company. Production of various conventional and CNC bending machines, cutting machines, presses, three or four-roll plate bending machine, combined punching and shearing machine, cutting machine, blade mold parts of modern management of enterprises. Bending machine, CNC bending machine, bending machine, hydraulic bending machines, shearing machines bending machines, hydraulic plate bending machine, small bending machines, acrylic bending machines, plastic bending machines, CNC hydraulic press brake, used Benders, manual bending machine.
Ma ' Anshan city bowang, company is located in Zhejiang Province, where the number of staff of mechanical engineers 30%, after the company research and development, production, sale, service line, corporate distribution sales outlets in more than more than 20 major cities in the country. The products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world, with more than 10 countries and areas of Professional machine dealer formed fixed cooperation relationship.

company products main has: WC67K series NC Board material folding bent machine, and QC12K series NC hydraulic pendulum type cut Board machine, and WC67Y series hydraulic Board material folding bent machine, and QC12Y series hydraulic pendulum type cut Board machine, and J23 series pressure machine, and W11 series three roll volume Board machine, and Q35 series joint rushed cut machine, products, widely application Yu decoration, and metallurgical, and ship, and car, and mechanical, and aviation, professional production field. The company has a strong technical development team, to meet the customer's special requirements, the company is ready to provide you with tailored personalized products.

this company through has ISO9001:2008 International quality system certification, and EU CE certification, has more than 100 more than items national patent, and get "China famous trademark", and "Zhejiang brand products", and "Zhejiang Province famous trademark", and "national high-tech enterprise", and "Zhejiang Province heavy contract and trustworthy with units", and "Zhejiang Province private technology enterprise", and "province a, level tax credit units", and "province integrity units", and "province AA level credit enterprise", and "China mechanical 500 strong" And other honorary titles. Staff always remembers "do first-class enterprise, creates the first-class brand, tree-class image" business objectives, adhere to the "products leading domestic and world class quality, service excellence, customer satisfaction," approaches to enterprise development, goes hand in hand with friends at home and abroad, to create brilliant careers.